Week 23 – Betty Jarra

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Uncategorized, Week 23

Flying Lesson 23

A week of heavy, amazing, brain training.
In the middle of this intensive excavation of my brain I don’t have time nor focus to spend on the complexity of flying lessons. Nor any energy to spare in order to summarize them.
No. 23 is in this respect, a perfect lesson and also a first test of my autopilot system.

The walk for the day is a slow stroll in the sun with Stig at my side. We seam to be walking around in some small town in central Germany, southern England, or possibly in northern Holland. Anyway the sun is shining bright, I’ve just had some delicious sushi (offered without getting caught up in fear), I’m wherever I want to be and life is slow ….. almost as on vacation.

The night before, I only just managed to walk all the way to a bed. Today I feel exactly like an apple run over. Squashed and totally mushy but miraculously still in one piece. It’s probably the tough skin that keeps it all together and, to my great surprise, my arms and legs are moving in an unusually effective way with great ease.
Now and then I observe them from an outside perspective.
They don’t seem to care that I move out, leaving the entire co-ordination and all muscle functions to my autopilot.
Everything works much better than it did in the past weeks as I frantically practiced walking-transient-to-flying.

I definitely like my autopilot!
It seams as if it has been in use before but above all, it’s efficient and absolutely trustworthy.
It also makes it possible for me to keep up a more even pace with my desire to walk faster and at the same time relax and enjoy both socializing and the sun.

on vacation…


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