Week 23 – Ashley Davene

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 23

So this weeks post is a little free hand drawing in paint accompanied by some writing …its kind of meant to be a comedic post about when you find the will to walk away from that midnight snack of fourthmeal bowl of cereal … now all I can think about is eating cereal and chocolate……. Mazlta Lovies

“Look Up”

Here you are, finding yourself

Floating over this bowl of cereal

Unable to raise the spoon to your lips

Incapable of grazing the soy milk with your tongue

Lapping up the wet and silky presence

Instead you linger – you hover


ready to dive into the crisp soggy circles

The life savers that long to raft down your throat

And into your stomach to soothe you with their

Nutritional concentration

Burning fuel to stimulate your imagination

You make a proclamation

Because once they pass your lips there is no turning back

You drop the spoon – pour the cereal into the garbage disposal

Your sorry you wasted – you poor a glass of water

You drink it

You decide to have the honey nut goodness for breakfast

Instead of fourth meal

This decision is golden and it signals restriction and will

You toss your floating locks into a theoretical pony tail

And you feel the cotton off your pajamas pressed up against

Your rounded buttocks as you slither into your sheets

Chilled to a perfect degree by the night air

Nothing surrounds you but the dark, but the trace of stars and cars

the nothingness folds into everything

and suddenly you are there a planet rider weightless

up and down up and down

what beauty – what expanse – what magnitude – what abundance

what bliss

Look up

To this


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