Week 22- Ashley Davene

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 22

We sometimes get caught up in a space where each thing has to be some great story or serve some highest good or purpose and perhaps it does on some large and grand scale, some scheme some where but sometimes we cant see that in our day – and the point of it is not to start or begin – to raise up or level off somewhere – but to just be – the random and colorful adventure that it is. Each day not trying to define anything, or boast but – buckling up your boots and putting on your hat and sunglasses and hitting the world as the adventerous one. The wanderer who knows that the wise is firm in their roots but bendable in their experience from moment to moment to moment.

treking from your car to your office building even, or the universe of opportunity that lies in great dive bars and coffee shops around the corner, or meditations to be had on lunch breaks in the field, dragonflies to meet and dafodils to dance with. Be The adventerous one, follow your heart – balance the lines of pragmatism and random

Sometimes its dances with weeping willows

Sometimes its sea spray

Sometimes its large gulps of lemonade that leaves sugar crystals on your lips

Sometimes it’s a slow dance with someone you love

Sometimes its heat yoga

Sometimes its garden green

Sometimes its hemp

Sometimes its vodka

Sometimes its cream

Sometimes its iciles

Sometimes its art

Sometimes it’s a musical venue

A coffee house

A brightly lit street

A dark and winding funnel

A skyline that connects you to the world

A familiar boy or girl

Sometimes its Everything

 “The Art of Random”

(random photos from my random weekend, in random order)



  1. Caron says:

    Thanks for sharing all that you do Ashley. [:

    • ashleydavene says:

      Thanks for checking it out. I like to think of my life as my art- and then the submission at the end of my week is the compelation – the shhhrrrrrttt squirt of paint that shoots out of the tube and lands on the canvas – in all its glory, whatever it is – a colage of pics that I took and tweeked in photo shop, a painting, an oil pastel, a song, a poem, a picture, a story – its all love.

  2. I love Random 3 and the purple colors, reminds me of Lilacs and lil gram in NH when we used to pick them…
    Whats Random 12 of (the one below it)?

  3. LOL until I clicked on Random 5 I thought it was a canon sticking out of a ship from San Diego! Buhhaaahaa…. should have put my glasses on and I would have noticed the fingers…or not LOL

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