Week 18- Heather Ouellette-Cygan

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Heather Ouellette-Cygan, Week 18

The photo above was taken by my great-grandfather, Frank Corringham, of my grandparents, Donald Corringham and Nellie Jones when they were dating sometime around 1942. I’ve always loved this picture, and I have attempted several poems inspired by both it and what we call the “Nazi” camera – an antique camera my grandmother’s brother, who was a  photographer stationed with the Canadian Army in Europe during WWII, took from a fallen German Soldier. Below is an early attempt I just rediscovered in an old writer’s notebook and revised for this week’s TGAP submission. Next week, I will submit a more recent draft based upon this same photo and camera.  


He holds her in the palm

Of an outstretched hand;

On the beaches of Herb’s

Cove, he promises forever.

But she is tiny, dancing

In his hand, the way

Women become when they

Accept that promise

And cleave.

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