Week 18 – Betty Jarra

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 18

Flying Lesson 18

As planned, terribly unplanned!
The main reason for this is that I decide to use trust. So today I don’t walk, instead I follow the Path* that has led to all my previous walks and will lead to my very first real lift off, somewhere far in the future, not yet visible.

The walk (the short one still needed) leads straight down to the water, to the source of everything, to the lowest point in my surroundings.
Launching the boat, with muscles, mind and close collaboration. We leave the shore and head towards open water where there’s freedom, total trust and endless possibilities.

It’s amazing how far one can reach while simply sitting close together in the smallest of boats, surrounded by deep waters, blinding reflections and occasional swans, using only oars and the intrinsic power of mind.
We make it anywhere, in both time and space.
Nothing is impossible!
We reach our goals constantly!

As expected (although I wasn’t all that sure) there’s total trust in the Path* I follow . Without being clouded or guided by colored expectations, but  simply because it’s in no way mixed up with dependence. I’m still the one responsible for myself but there’s no need to control me or anyone else.
The sky gets higher and the strenght renewed.
Everything becomes increasingly possible to achieve.

Trust is the strongest lift force I’ve ever tried during my flying lessons.
The next step is trusting myself.

* Translation
Path=Stigfollowing my friend Stig


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