Week 18- Kevin Contreras

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Kevin Contreras, Week 18

Homemade incense…  Recipe: 

20 parts various herbs(sage,lavendar,pine balsam, rose petals)

4 parts oils or resin(1 part patcouli oil and 3 parts of myrrh)

1 part gum arabic (binding agent)

2 parts salt peter( maybe hard to find now because it is an ingredient in gunpowder)

1 glass or ceramic bowl

Grind everything but oil and salt peter in a dedicated coffee grinder (incense makes coffee taste horrible!!!)

Add salt peter to a little bit of water(1 tablespoon) to dissolve it.

Add oil to herb mixture in a glass bowl (plastic and metal bowls will retain smell and taste of incense)

Add salt peter water to mixture when it has dissolved

Add enough water to make the mixture like playdough or clay

Form it into shapes such as cones or rods

Let dry ( in the AZ sun, it only takes a couple of hours)

  1. Caron says:

    You make the best incense. Can I have some?

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