Week 16 – Amber Perkins

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Amber Perkins, Week 16

New Hampshire Seacoast Summer

I love summer. I’m a desert girl, through and through. I’m here for family, not for the climate. These few months of New England heat are the only thing that sustain me through the long, snowy winters. Sure, I make attempts to find something entertaining to do in the cold months. Skiing? I twisted my knee first time down the bunny slope and if one more person told me to pizza wedge, they would find themselves pizza-wedged very unpleasantly. Skating? I do it. Hell, the ice arena is a 2 minute walk from my house. My grandiose ideas of “What would Brian Boitano do?” last about 15 minutes and I’m ready for a hot toddy and a blanket. Snowshoeing worked out well when I discovered the benefit of using them to get to the pub for a pint when the roads weren’t clear enough to navigate. This is a vast distance from my comfort zone.

Today it was over 100F in the shade. Me? I chose full sun!

Every year, my daughter and I spend as much time at the ocean as we can. Often in our bright blue kayaks. We are some of the fortunate few who live in vacationland. Once the car is loaded, we can be beachside in less than 20 minutes.

Pack the cooler with fancy sammiches (today was curry chicken salad with red onion, black currants, and apples), a fruit salad (watermelon, pomegranate, apple, mango, greek yogurt and basil), spicy coleslaw, a giant jug of lemonade, and an equally large container of iced coffee. I swear the act of creating the lunch is an art form. Grab a beach blanket, throw some chairs in the trunk, get some light reading (preferably something with supernatural characters who have questionable morals), and don’t forget the boogie boards. Little VW Beetle, Mom, Grammy, Ava and Amity tucked in with precision in order to get all the people and gear where they need to go.

I have to give my mother some massive props. She has the skin tone that sunshine likes to light aflame. Ah, Frannie Pye. Mumma’s first question when her children were born was always, “Is it a redhead?” She got the alabaster glow that makes the vampires say, “Whoa!” Yet after a full day in the sun yesterday listening to the music stylings of Red Molly (BUY THEIR CD!!) and Lori McKenna (I double dog dare you to listen without your heart going every which way!!), she jumped in the car with us to face more blistering, albeit this time with an parasol  in hand.

We have our secret spot. The beach the tourists don’t know. The parking is free. The sand is not crowded. The water is… okay, fine! It’s f**king cold. Always is, but today it felt smashing!

One of our traditions is sand art. Amity (she’s like another daughter to me. I adore this girl!) decided Ava needed to become a mermaid. I couldn’t have agreed more and set about collecting seaweed for her hair.

  1. omg, I’m weepy laughing. This is the best one yet! Love it!

  2. Kevin Contreras says:

    That is hysterical!!! Your lunch sounds absolutely delicious. It was 110 degrees today in the desert…but you don’t have to shovel sunshine!

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