Week 16- Ashley Davene

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 16

This weeks art submission geeked me, I think as oposed to me geeking it.  I wandered the craft aisles looking at sketch pads, canvas, yarn and craft paper , and I – just wasnt inspired. With all the preperation and space devoted to the book and the pending travels very soon to cali, the releasing of one space to create another, the reinvention, creation, the flying, the nesting, the letting go, the creativity meter was running low or so I thought until  it hit me – Manga, I was going to create manga. Cooking after a long day or just on a long day often inspires me. I see it too as a space for art where our creativity meets with our inventiveness and all of the spices, seasonings, mediums to work with but instead of acrylic or oil pastel its  tofu and broccoli, chick pea and pita. The possibilities are endless so I spent an afternoon shopping for local digs and harvesting my finds in the kitchen to create this – Manga! Fresh tomatos with balsalmic oil and seasonings, olives, dried apricots, wine, fresh bread and Sunday afternoon Pasta. To share with the family and note that it is all Vegan – yes, can you believe it?

I title this submission:

“The Art of Manga'”

                     The Mushroom Meat

                   The Meal

                    The Art of Manga


I, for luck on my impending San Francisco move / adventure spectacular spectacular – paired it with this bottle of “Bohemian Highway” Claifornia Merlot

and after a few glasses of this in between sparkling italian’ lemon water I was finally inspired to write that poem – which goes as follows

She strolled in through the gates of vienna

turning, just past the fountain

her bicycle tracks pressed deeply into the dirt

as her skirt rose on the wind

gliding through the space

freely like the flowers there playing in the grass

the sky – so blue

a blue that echos

she with finger extended pressed back twice

to ring the bell

a signal that her basket was full

with wine, and bread

dried apricots and perrier

she rang ahead to her love

whom she knew was waiting

by the tree on this day

in that meadow

she rang the bell for love,

for the family that he was,

for the stars and the moon and the wine juice

for the streams and the rivers

and the manga


And so you see, this weeks art submission – geeked all over me – Happy Sunday! – Manga

  1. Photobug Shar says:

    Yummay…. Manga creativity… I can smell it over here!

  2. Caron says:

    Yum! I swear I could smell it.

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