Week 15 – Amber Perkins

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Amber Perkins, Week 15
This week’s art project is a lesson in epic fail. I attempted to recreate a childhood love, Shrinky Dinks! Internet sources assured me that #6 plastic would shrink up in the same fashion as those fancy plastic sheets Mom and Dad provided in the 70’s. Uuuummmmm… not so much. My design plan? Five mehndi mendalas, once shrunk to be hung from a birch branch with other shiny things. Shells? Beads? Not sure. I lost all inspiration after three of the mandalas emerged from the oven and curlicues beyond any straightening efforts. The other two shrunk slightly and turned opaque. Never fear, however, as not all hope is lost! I have gathered more plastic. I have drawn new mandalas, and I have a new technique in mind. Here’s hoping for a successful retry and a midweek update.

  1. ashleydavene says:

    I love these, and the idea of hanging from the birch with all the other shiny things- fingers crossed for round two

  2. Caron says:

    I think they came out pretty well for not being what you wanted. If you try again I can’t wait to see.

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