Week 15 – Betty Jarra

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 15

Flying Lesson 15

Since I decided to make my lessons enjoyable (gifts that aren’t enjoyable are not good gifts) I try to plan them well from the beginning. Sometimes I don’t manage to do that but then I simply make them enjoyable during the walk.

Flying lesson 15 is planned as a long walk, at least one hour.
I have an appointment at 1:30 so I decide to start 2 hours earlier from home.
Take the bus a bit further than where I’m going and walk along the canal back to where I should be. Plenty of time!
But plenty of time shrinks to only just in time. Since I haven’t walked along the canal on time before I have no idea how long it will takes to get where I’m going
And there is no bus and no shortcut if I’m be late. Stress and anxiety seem to be easy to catch on such a walk.

Change of plans! I give myselfback that load of time by deciding to walk from insead of to.
My appointment is a tasting, they pay me to taste and evaluate different things and it’s always fun. Today it is chocolate, and then pie, both very quickly completed.
Furthermore we all get a big bag of chocolate bars as a gift from Fazer (it was their chocolate we tasted). It will be a good gift to people I know who need gifts.

Walking along the canal with happy people jogging or walking with prams along the walkways. Helga comes into my mind since I have walked there before with her. I decide to call her because I haven’t talked to her for a while. It turns out that she is about 3 blocks away and ready with whatever she is doing in about half an hour. We decide to walk together.
The walk along the canal that I was worried would take too long when I left home turns out to be exactly an half an hour walk. Good to know!

With Helga walking becomes more enjoyable. We turn the walk into a joint flying lesson, being second pilots to each other.
Of course talking about men, relationships, to be an adult and take responsibility, future projects and fears not to handle them. It’s so easy to fly with your mirror co-pilot next to you.
She is also teaching me a technique of how to endure when you’re tired of just walking.
You simply walk into a shop just to look around! When you have finished looking you have forgotten that you were tired of walking and can easily continue a bit further.

We take a break at a diner I have been looking at for a while It turns out to be a gold nugget with good sandwiches and great friendly staff.
They even tell me that I have a very cool name. As I said, nice staff!
As it’s situated right next to the main police station and prison, we also get a true story with us from the guy behind the counter before we leave.

A guy from some African country who has been held in custody panicks when he’s is on his way to be locked up. It’s simply not possible and he refuses, explaining that his soul must communicate with the spirits, that it’s stifled if it gets locked up. Since he, after all, must be locked up, one of the guards get an idea and fetch a plastic bag into the cell. He scoops the “soul” into the bag and says that he will now take the soul out so that it will not be locked in and the guy will get it back when he is released. The guy is really pleased and becomes calm.

We walk and walk and walk and talk and talk and when we finally arrive at the Haymarket  we have been walking together for 2 1 / 2 hour.
It’s good to plan for pleasurable gifts. With a little creativity and an open mind they can become even more enjoyable than you think.

time flies

when we’re having fun

  1. Caron says:

    I want to be a pilot with you! These are such wonderful lessons.

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