Week 15 – Ashley Davene

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 15

This was just super feeling of poetry moving through me coming and going quickly, like the cooling rains of summer in the south . Two diff. poems


rain rain deep purple rain
launched against window sills like rockets

day breaks in the garden
remnants of morning pancakes
and maple sap smear their way
across the beating pounding of my heart

and all four walls are there
and the garden
where I grow tomatos and
wait for the days where the rain comes up

to entagle with quilts
ink meet paper meet quil
rain rain purple rain
thump ker thump
an ink stained poets heart


the mountains moved
against painted palats
backdrops of the wonderment of our lives

full moments met head on with flesh
and scalp and symetry
scalding pots filled with redding crustations
and and fat bald balls and bisquits

warm situations to be had
leaves that tumble empty
upon the full black top

you stop
the wind whistles against
the book shop perched ahead
coffee navigates your chest
the crow flys
and you know you are home

this is just a little sketch oil pastel on notebook paper- just what I felt express itself after the poetry came out

  1. Caron says:

    Wonderful poems Ashley.

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