Week 13 – Betty Jarra

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 13

Flying lesson 13

More “mind” than “body”.

Mind = sense, consciousness, brainpower, intellect, imagination, thoughts, thinking, understanding, mentality, attitude, spirit, soul <the great mind of the universe>, intelligence, brain, personality, psyche, inclination, desire, memory, meaning, opinion, thought, disposition, judgement, instinct

Body = organic structure, dead body, corpse

It becomes quite obvious that such an all-embracing part of me will need some attention and an occasional flying lesson once in a while, as the body receives a gift every day.
So flying Lesson 14 is mainly about only taking responsibility for what is necessary for my own well-being. Mind-being, mind loops.

As usual time is already scheduled, vehicle test 9.30, pick up printing frames from workshop, take car battery to the waste/recycle dump, buy ingredients for tonight’s dinner dessert, wash up, organise the living room so 10 people can fit around a table, cooking, enjoying dinner with friends.
Not a tight schedule and no difficult tasks.
I start a bit late will  simply put my foot down on the gas pedal a bit harder and make it just in time.

Car test result: only a slightly cracked exhaust pipe which needs replacing, an easy fix.

Artist’s workshop: after being a member for 26 years I have decided to quit and I try to make sure that my responsibilities are properly delt with and forwarded to others.
One of my most important responsibility has been as a cleaning reminder, making sure everybody on the list will come and clean the place when it’s their week. With 850 members it needs a lot of reminding.
I write a note about it to the members of the Board and call one of the guys to let them know right away and to deal with it. Get a harsh comment from him when I tell him I’m leaving the workshop completely. “When the wind get’s tough a lot of people are dropping out,” he says without any further explaination of how this would relate to me. When he 10 minutes later walk in through the door I tell him that I think his comment was rather unnecessary, especially since he hasn’t got a clue about my personal reason to quit. ………….. No answer ………… I ask him if silence is really his only reaction. ………. Continued silence ………
I wonder about this common silent treatment among people with self confidence issues and I’m even more pleased with my choice to quit the workshop.
Pack my stuff in the car and leave without any thoughts about responsibility and the stress about the future in there.

The recycle/waste dump: not a lot of people, fast and easy delivery and friendly staff.

Shop: find everything I need easily and even some good and cheap stuff for future meals.

Home: start the washing up and cleaning of kitchen. Trying to do things peacefully to get ready in time without stress. Usually I’m left with a lot of unfinished cleaning up when it should be time to just enjoy. As a result I get a closet full of quickly completed clean-ups.

Dessert: a disaster but could, with a lot of creativity, be transformed into what might be a completely different dessert. I am not panicing, it’s just a degree of uncertainty.
Luckily, the first guest is about 2 hours early because she decided that I might need help. She’s a good and clever friend, Amanda.
I quickly leave the creative task of my half finished dessert project to her. With the information that it has already failed and any result will be a fantastic result, making sure she doesn’t take the make-over of my failure to seriously.

While I try to get a grip on things and figure out what to wear she also refurnishes the livingroom, fix a large enough dinner table and finds a large enough table cloth to put on it. Only chairs missing.
We walk over to her place to borrow some chairs but leave the door unlocked in case more guests will show up. They do, the first one quickly starts to put away the dishes and finish cleaning the rest of it.
Then they keep on arriving and all the guests take care of both cooking, baking (from their own home made and pre-made dough), table setting, serving, filling everyone’s glasses, chatting and later more washing up and cleaning and I can just enjoy doing the parts I like. All to satisfy my mind, this mostly includes to sit still, eat, talk and eventually take the chairs back with Amanda.

I think my friends make a good field to practice mind loops on.
They are always ready, just in time, responsible enough and give big warm hugs.

one for the body – one for the soul


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