Week 11 – Rachael Peabody

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Rachael Peabody, Week 11


I dropped the ball this week. :/  My bad.  I’ve been very busy trying to redesign my website because I may be able to go to a “paid for” upgrade.  I found a free template online and have been replacing each code with coding of my own.  Now it may not seem like art but I am very proud of the banner and how well the background worked out.  Everything else is still from the original template.


  1. w.c. pelon says:

    nicely done! web design is indeed art, and rather important art at that: it’s the very first impression you give to online readers of your comic. i can’t wait to see the new site up & running!

  2. Mike Mooney says:

    very cool, I dig! I’ve designed a few sites, and as an artist and perfectionist, web design is definitely difficult and I think it’s coming along nicely!

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