Week 10 – Betty Jarra

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 10

Flying lesson 10

Today I do my flying lesson with a pilot, Capten Paradise!
And this is the most seriously serious truth. If you are supposed to have a flying lesson you have to do it properly.
So this Capten Paradise actually exists, he is a guest on my couch for now and normally flies for an aircompany. Specially when he flies to Hawaii his name will make his passangers smile.
While we are on the ferry to the smaller island in my city I tell him about my flying lessons. Luckily, I manage to tell him that it is more of a mental flight just before he intends to question me about technical details. Of course it turns out that he used to be a flying instructor, too.
I choose my men with care.
Capten Paradise is very nice company and we manage to share a lot of wisdom. However I dump him at Skansen for his own touristic walk while I continue mine back to the city.

I make a stop at the Biological Museum, I love this quiet tiny museum. I notice their poster with a badger on it. I used to have both their badger and woodpecker poster but can’t find them at home anymore. I ask the lady about both of them and she says that they ran out of the woodpecker posters about three years ago and won’t print them again. These are also the last badgers they’ve got. I buy myself a badger and I’m thinking of buying two posters just to be on the safe side but I don’t carry enough money. Maybe I have to go back another time to fill up my badger needs before they run out of them. Even with a lack of money there are certain things you have to prioritize!

It’s a wonderful weather with blue sky and sunshine, green things sprouting and growing everywhere, like it usually does when I walk on this island. That is, when I did walk here many years ago. Wondering why I stopped doing it (except that it was easier when I lived closer) and realise that I stopped doing a lot of stuff that I like and that makes me feel good.
But thoughts are starting to take over from feelings so I stop thinking to just walk and enjoy.

I take photos, wilted flower capsules, grass, mud, ships and all those little details that almost make me pass out of joy. Two ropes crossing, a rudder and a railing in white and brown, stripes and bits and dashes making up the most intricate designs upwards or straight down into the water. Love it!

Then I suddenly decide to cross the street right now. Manage to make it before a car passes and cross all 5 lanes in a hurry just to walk straight into my sister. Funny!
She does works pretty close but still it’s a funny coincidence since I rarely walk here and neither does she. She looks happy that we met, which is good because the last time we met I made her feel bad.

Then I take the long walk to my bus at the end of Kings street enjoying it the whole way. These walks are getting better as it’s getting warmer and sunnier.

So today I learned about the positive feeling of synchronicity, the importance of trusting your instincts.

they are irresistible, arent they?

  1. Caron says:

    Beautiful. I think Capten Paradise would also make either a great comic or a good porn. With a name like that you can’t go wrong. lol
    I am curious about the Badger poster. I must see it.
    Good stuff Betty. ❤

    • Be says:

      There you are! Badger added!
      Had to add the woodpecker too, it would have been a shame to leave him out.
      I actually have both of these moving around in my neighbourhood.
      The woodpecker eating from the birdfeeder I have hanging in my window. So I kind of have him right in my face when I sit by my computer.
      He is a bit suspicious though, peeking in at me to see if I will do evil. One slightly evil face and he shoots off with a bam!

  2. Caron says:

    I love them both! The badger is so wonderful! Thanks for adding them Betty.

  3. Kevin Contreras says:

    I love the badger!!!

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