Week 9 – Betty Jarra

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 09

Flying lesson 9

Flexibility and the ability to adapt to the surrounding circumstances.
Necessary when dark clouds and bad weather hits you suddenly or if warm air will make you rise too fast.

My daughter asks me to meet her in town. We’re going to see a photo exhibition of one of her friends, “Diktaturens barn/Hijos de la dictatura”. It’s a great exhibition, portraits of the children of a dictatorship, some of them started their lives in prison. Stories from her trip to Uruguay woven together with the photos in a captivating and very emotional way. She’s good!

Since I’m already in town I decide to have my next flying lesson after the exhibition. When we finished talking about how great the exhibition was I notice that we have ended up at the gigantic grocery store not far from home so I decide that a shopping walk indoors is also a good walk.
It’s also a place I need to visit since I’m changing my diet. My friend recommended that eating according to my blood group would be helpful for an earlier take off, so he sent me a list with “my” food. So a lot of stuff I have to throw out at home to fill my kitchen shelves with new stuff.

For about one hour I am totally focused on various foods, allowed according to my new healthy lifestyle.
Complicated but definitely a gift to myself.
I have a hard time finding the food that is supposed to be extra good for me. Not because it isn’t there but because I don’t remember exactly what to buy. I got the list but of course I haven’t printed it out yet, I just memorized what I had time to memorize. It’s also one of those months with more bills than money, but I won’t give up that easy.
Good for me and affordable makes this an hour of hard brain work and a lot of walking up and down the aisles comparing healthiness and costs.
Still at the end I feel kind of satisfied with both my purchases and my kind of relaxed walk, after all it took over an hour.

Is illegally caught fish
still considered healthy food?


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