Week 8- Ashley Davene

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 08


The glow of the red from the stop signed was still burned in her – she sat there for moments thats felt like minutes – peering over her shoulder, making sure no one was coming up behind hereshe had only arrived here at this question, of left, right, or straight – after the day that she was standing in the garden. The rains came and carrying with them – somewhere tucked into the water droplets was this adventure that was destined to happen – the girl felt it as rain drops fell and splashed open on her- like bubbles full of vanilla pudding – she felt the adventure molecules explode on her arms, and legs, on her face- and roll down her, coating her in the journey – the sky – though stormy, was still clear and she watched as sunrays danced upon the lawn between sleepy gray clouds and powerlinesshe thought about it for a moment- about all of the beautiful -the places she had been and the things she had done, she saw the western sky line flood past her window on her first cross country drive,she felt the rush of driving through rock coated hills and seeing sand dunes, she watched as her eyes lit up at the dust devils forming and the tumbleweeds blowing across the road in Arizona – she traced her footsteps to the back pathways along the ledge- windy, dangerous- vibrant – she followed the rabbit where it would go – she stood down looking at the Colorado River from the Watch Tower – she felt all of these places and visions in this moment and she knew – without a doubt, that she must take her life- and live itnot by anyone elses standards, or the way anyone else knows how – because none IS greater or lesser and so – though the mind would love to convince us that we are being un-productive or reckless when we live bold and take chances, the girl knew that path was infact the safest – because it would bring to her – living – experience and happiness from moment to moment to moment – following her heart and not what anyone else said

the girl respected others paths, and tried to believe that this shoe did fit, she did- she tried to “make” it- and then – the popping happened- it popped off her foot- and she was left barefoot- in the garden –

and then the rain came in – that said- go Flying

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