Week 7 – w.c. pelon

Posted: May 14, 2011 in w.c. pelon, Week 07

Domino Clock

materials: vinyl record, clock kit, dominoes, super glue, spray paint, "grip-it" shelf liner

I had so much fun making a clock for my Week 6 submission that I thought I would have another go at it.  The clock face is a vinyl record I picked up in a free bin at a record store in Portland, ME.  I wanted it to have a carbon fiber effect, so I covered it with a sheet of shelf liner (the kind with the little square holes) and hit it with white spray paint.  The dominoes were 99 cents at a thrift store in Fryeburg, ME; we frequent that store quite a bit because they donate all their proceeds to the Fryeburg Animal Shelter.  The clock kit had gold hands, but I didn’t like the way they contrasted with the rest of the piece, so I spray painted the hour and minute hands black and brushed some leftover red acrylic on the second hand.

  1. Dale Dearnley says:


  2. Robyn says:

    Not only is the project itself highly creative and, well, totally kickass… your photography of the piece is great as well. Multi-talented!

  3. Kevin Contreras says:

    This is way, way cool! I want to steal all you ideas…

  4. Mike Mooney says:

    I think you’ve developed a business my creative friend. Creating functional art out of used materials! Rock on!

    Love the clocks man. Here’s the deal… the obvious ETSY or try to sell these at BULL MOOSE music store. I love the usage of vinyl.

  5. mike says:

    Every single thing you’ve posted could be sold for cash in an instant. Just sayin’.

  6. Caron says:

    Amazing as always!!!!!

  7. Brian Weeks says:

    Because you know how my mind works, you will realize that this is ultimately a compliment: This project is so cool, to me it evokes a neo-80s new wave vibe. It’s something that the “Facts Of Life” girls would have sold at their gift shop, ‘Over Our Heads’… So awesome! 😀

  8. […] The top is broken off and it’s in kind of rough shape, but I saw potential. I was inspired by Bill Pelon’s submission a few weeks ago where he made a clock out of an old record, and was trying to figure out what I […]

  9. […] metal, my trusty Ryobi 12v rechargeable drill, and a small rug pad – I had seen the idea before and wanted to do my own spin on the […]

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