Week 7- Michael Sean Piper

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Michael Sean Piper, Week 07

A new interactive TGAP: submit your ideas about what these two could possibly be saying by posting in the comments section below.

I will review the many (I hope) suggestions and pick my favorite.  The winner will receive a copy of this comic with their captions, via “snail mail”.  Yay!

  1. Mike Mooney says:

    Creature on the left: “Mommy!”

    Guy on the right: ” ‘Lil dude, I don’t even know you… and I’m a dude! “

  2. Kevin Contreras says:

    Big Guy: What’s a Henway?

    Little guy: About 3 pounds…

  3. Photobug Shar says:

    Creature: I swear I didn’t touch your dog, I’m a vegitarian…Look my hands are clean!

    Man: OMG Really??? whats that between your teeth… are those teeth? and what is that little thing looking at?

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