Week 7- R.A. Matheson

Posted: May 9, 2011 in R.A. Matheson, Week 07

It Was All Just so Fucking Beautiful and Sad

It was there,
reading our horrorscope each morning
over a steaming hot cup of junk
all arms set an hour too early
wake to the eager hooks of relief,
although I am naked,
I can feel the allergy of wool coating across my skin,

I wish I could hide that tightness in my chest like you could,
it comes in closing throat and dripping eyes


I’ve choked it out with a straw cut in half,
a tar coating, scrape the insides with a cuticle tool
to get every last bit.

There are mountains of dye in Indian markets
I have never seen with my own eyes,
but I have felt them flood through my body in waves,
they dull the same as

bottle of ink too beautiful to remain that hue
once on paper,

bottle of pure vanilla extract that never
tastes as good as it smells.

It was all just so un-fucking-definable,
a cloud in my mind
an empty Christ we couldn’t stop praying to.

  1. mike says:

    Heavy stuff! Being an artist, I see every line in a graphic way. Cool.

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