Week 6- R.A. Matheson

Posted: May 9, 2011 in R.A. Matheson, Week 06

I Love You Too Much to Let You Live

It’s said that no feeling is worth throwing your life away over.

Acrid smell of black currant, tossing The David down an elevator shaft,

dive into murky Louisiana waters, thick as tar,

I am having an affair with Delphine LaLaurie,

sucking caterpillar bones from her skull

not even a virgin with a regenerating hymen feels as good:

the scent of flowers, coated in brown sugar and copper.

skin peeled back, a hypnosis spiral from head to left toe,

inflammation of the blood, a pig-faced lizard,

burgundy spatters on a boxing-ring mat, icon-white,

cheap whore, give her a quarter and insert your middle finger in her

as if she were a slot on a heart-rate machine in an old arcade,

vomit the water-smothered gas, serve bomb threats for breakfast,

as the eye of the storm watches you and waits to strike, I’m stupider than

a reporter in a yellow trench coat too stupid to know

when to get the fuck out,

stained tampons in a little black box cause my head to throb as if it were my cock

waiting for your twat, colour of grave-grapes,

I know the perfect woman and I wish I wasn’t with you so I could pursue her.

It’s said that no feeling is worth throwing your life away over;

but I know a feeling better than life, more terrifying than death.

  1. Caron says:

    Where to start… I just couldn’t stop reading once I started. I knew I had to see what the next sentence would bring.
    Bold and brave.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Ramatheson says:

    Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. It means quite a bit.

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