Artist Bio- R.A. Matheson

Posted: May 9, 2011 in About the Artistz, R.A. Matheson

R.A.Matheson started writing short stories at the age of five, and poetry at about the age of thirteen. He found his true voice in 2005, when three influences collided in his life to give sound to his poetic voice. The influences of Gordon Massman, The Mars Volta, and an excellent Literature professor at about the same time in his life “woke” Richard up.

Matheson values honest poetry. A writer cannot be honest if he or she is writing as if their significant other is watching over their shoulder. A poet cannot be afraid of what they might write. As David Biespiel said, “A poet’s greatest fear is that he will flinch.” R.A. believes that writers must dig deep, and expose whatever rises to the surface.

Richard writes fast, without watching the screen or thinking. Usually, he doesn’t remember what he wrote. This method provides the unique experience of reading his own pieces with the feeling as if someone else had written them.

His works can be purchased at


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