Week 4 – Brian Weeks

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Brian Weeks, Week 04

I’ve been creating a lot of artwork lately. It seems that every week, I have art to create, and a short window of time to make what’s in my head a reality. Someone really famous once said, “All creativity needs is a deadline.” (OK, maybe it was just a handful of geekz back in ’05, but you get the general message here.)

Each week, I’m creating new art. With a deadline. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought it might… Well, once I’m finished with all my artwork for the week, I can begin to think about TGAP. You see, it’s in my work life that I’m called upon to also make magic from a piece of paper and a Sharpie.  I am the Sign Captain at the West Lebanon, NH Home Depot.

It’s a part of my work culture that getting our weekly ad set, free clinics, and other promotions we run on a daily, weekly, monthly basis  to run smoothly and effectively is just 70% of the while package – the remaining 30% is where we are called upon to infuse our own Entrepreneurial Spirit.

As our store’s Sign Captain, on Mondays, I take a look at what promotions we have coming up for the following week’s ad (these begin on Thursday). Between Monday night when I work, and close of business on Wednesday, it’s up to me to take what would be merely compliance to the next level.  To be clear – I am not the only person who can make a sign.  I am in charge of the ‘special project’ signs and stuff that requires real artwork.

I work with the other Department Supervisors and the Assistant Store Managers to decide which merchandising departments are the focus of the week and I will either come up with my own ideas, or another DS will have something in mind that I will create.

Here’s an example:

Andersen Windows and Doors recently had a promotion for 10% off all special order windows and doors. I really wanted to shout out this promotion, and I went to Tony, the DS of Millwork, with a sketch of what I thought would be a killer display. He helped me make it a reality.

We actually built a 12-foot tall rolling display cart with composite decking, siding, a working patio door, and greenery. I just found out last night that we are regional finalists for the best display for this promotion.  The prize for the winning store is a pizza party for the entire store courtesy of Andersen Windows and Doors. That would be nice to earn something for my team, and I like pizza. 🙂

Not everything I make is so grandiose, but I do churn out a lot of new and creative ideas every week.

On Wednesday nights, I work a long day to execute all my signs for Thursday’s new ad. My reward is a short day on Thursday where I generally open the store and get out at noon. So, I came home this afternoon and sat down to think about this week’s TGAP project. I turned around in my chair to look at the clock and was instantly inspired by a print by one of my two favorite artists, Hans Hofmann. I wanted to bring his essence to this week’s project.

So those are my brushes in the main picture, sitting on the edge of the sink in the bathroom at work last night . I liked the lines and the contrast in the colors, so I snapped a quick photo with my phone.  Who knew at the time that a simple moment like washing out my brushes so I can get ready to go home would become the basis of this week’s piece?

I’ll leave you with one last image. You may wonder what I was painting with such neon bright colors. Well, my last piece of the night last night was inspired (very loosely) by my other favorite artist, Keith Haring. The bright colors, the simple, radiating lines – this was my holiday tribute to him.

Happy Easter to all my fellow Geekz, if you celebrate that holiday. If not, have a happy Sunday.

(I can’t promise that I won’t ramble on about work in another TGAP posting, but sometimes I have to tell a story to reveal the whole picture…

  1. w.c. pelon says:

    Well said!! I think we all tend to overlook the bits of art we create every day. Thank you for reminding us.

  2. Mike Piper says:

    Great work Brian!

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