The Prodigal Geek

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Geekmaster Newz

     The Geekmaster has finally received word from Robert Gauvin that he will indeed be participating as a full-fledged Geek, not a Guest Artist; hence, “Submission Pending” posts have been posted for him for Weeks 1 and 2, which he says he is ready to post.  Let’s be benevolent and give him an extra day before the scarlet letters appear for Week 3.

     We look forward to his contributions and happily welcome him back into the fold!

–the GM

  1. Geekmaster says:

    As his presence in the “Workz of Guest Artistz” category may already have told you, Mr. Gauvin’s status is once again as a “part-time” participant. We’re still happy to have him with us, though, and looking forward to seeing his work!

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