Week 3- Robyn Anne Piper

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Robyn Anne Piper, Week 03

     The votes have been tallied, and Plato has prevailed.  Of course, you all technically have ’til midnight Sunday to vote, so the winner could still change.  (I’ve left the list in this post, just in case.)

For now, though, I give you “Plato’s Music”:

  1. Heather says:

    I’m torn between Shelley and Huxley. Let me think on it. Love your new submission!

  2. Kevin Contreras says:

    #6… Very coool!

  3. w.c. pelon says:

    my heart says Nietzche, but my better sensibility says Shelley- i think the latter best compliments this particular piece.

  4. Mike Piper says:

    6 gets my vote. Wonderful job!

  5. Amber Perkins says:

    shelley speaks to me today. thanks for the interaction!

  6. Kenia Cris says:

    My soul will always says Nietzsche, possibly because of his dancing God. =*

  7. Brian Weeks says:

    #7 – Plato. That’s the one that speaks to me…

  8. Unknown: please post under your own name. says:

    love it #7

  9. Robyn says:

    Heather: It looks like your vote is the tie-breaker, if no one else votes. What say you?

  10. Vickie Thomas says:

    im going with 7

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