Week 3 – Betty Jarra

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 03

Flying Lesson 3)
Working uphill

  Just fell through the door coming back from my third lesson. A lot shorter than I planned, but on the other hand, I had prepractised already today, doing several minor walks.

  Was working with a bunch of small fry today. They had to be organized in straight lines, pushed in strollers and moved forward simultaneously. It worked brilliantly!
It’s so nice that they can be fooled into doing what I want them to do every the time and that they will be really happy to be fooled every time as well.
Then I began practicing doing a starting stretch simultaneously. To be able to lift off eventually.
I put 2-3 children in a stroller, figured it would be just enough counterweight, and then had a race against the kids that didn’t fit in the cart, up the hill!
The kids won every time and I got my flying lesson.
But I didn’t tell them about that part.

  I also trained myself in confirming their feelings all day, listening to everything between heaven and earth.
Happy and sad and angry and tired and ingenious and a lot of running in their legs and then the one about the dragon that prevented the prince from saving Sleeping Beauty (or was it Snow White?) and elves who made ​​magic swords to the prince with their wands so that he could ~ v;*,v ~ (some kind of movement towards that table over there) to the dragon who was sent by The Evil Queen.
Well you get it.

  My walk home was only a half walk since I have already walked a lot today.

  Starting to get the hang of it. Especially the notion that it’s a gift to my body. Which makes it a pretty good every time.

  Today I’m swinging my arms rapidly, both sides. And every step is for the little me who once didn’t get enough, and for the adult me who needs right now. I thought both of them should get something today.

  I still think I’m a pretty good teacher.

Wanna know how to attack a hill?1. Go up a hill smooth and steady. Don’t charge up it.
2. Only lean into the hill slightly. Don’t hunch over.
3. Crest the top of the hill and pick up the pace.
Have fun!

  1. Unknown: please post under your own name. says:

    Love this 🙂

  2. w.c. pelon says:

    pure bliss.

  3. Kenia Cris says:

    I love your flying lessons and I do believe I’ll be pro at flying when you finish them. ❤

  4. Be says:

    Thanx for understanding my stumbling english and upside down flying efforts. I’m definitely aiming towards pro level! 😉

  5. Unknown: please post under your own name. says:

    ” Especially the notion that it’s a gift to my body. Which makes it a pretty good every time.” – genius

  6. Kenia Cris says:

    […] hours I’ve been collecting to work on something I thought a lot about, first driven by Betty’s third flying lesson, and then again, after writing this poem and having a reader leaving the following question on […]

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