Week 2.5 – Brian Weeks

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Brian Weeks, Week 02

I don’t know if anyone has done this in TGAP before, but I was futzing around and created a new spin on this past week’s submission (thus the Week 2.5) – same words, new photo and arrangement.

This picture is actually of my sister, when she was 6. She liked to play dress-up, and I borrowed some clothes from the library’s costume section, back when that was actually a thing, for Kristy. She loved that watermelon dress. This was taken on one of the first really warm days in May, just after her birthday at the end of April.

This image is forever etched into my brain – my sister at age 6, twirling and twirling in what seemed like an infinite moment. For a time, it was hard to reconcile this image with the rebellious, troubled young woman she would become almost a decade later when I wrote these words for her, almost as a plea for the little girl that I photographed to return…

My oldest niece, Jayda reminds me so much of her mother now, and she’s now almost at the age at which I captured her mother’s six-year-old self. It’s funny, we were looking through some old photos a while ago, and she kept pointing at photos of Kristy, thinking they were of her. The resemblance is so startling at times that I found myself calling her by her mother’s name.

Like a pretty dress on a warm, spring day, life, too, can move in a perfect circle.

  1. Caron says:

    This is beautiful and you’re awesome for sharing this intimacy.

  2. Photobug Shar says:

    Loved this, Brian!

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