Week 2 – w.c. pelon

Posted: April 10, 2011 in w.c. pelon, Week 02

“Album Cover Speakers”


The finished product. Materials: reclaimed speakers, LP jacket from a Chicago record, mesh screen, and adhesive.

Another repurpose project.    I’m not really a fan of Chicago’s music, but their album cover art is fantastic.  These were originally intended to be collapsible speakers, but once folded I couldn’t get the locks to stay put, so I had to glue it all together.    This pair is a little sloppy at the edges, but I will tighten it up on future builds.


The LP jacket, before it was cut down & folded.

  1. Brian Weeks says:

    This is awesome, Bill! 🙂

  2. Be says:

    Love them and yes, their covers are really nice.
    What a pity that I stopped gluing and folding stuff….. 😉

  3. Unknown: please post under your own name. says:

    it seems i need these. wicked cool!

  4. Caron says:

    How creative. You’re always doing something I wish I would have thought of. Quite inspiring.

  5. Photobug Shar says:

    Flippin cool, what a brain!

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