Week 2 – Ashley Davene

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 02

“Letters to an Alter aspect of ME”

 My Dearest One,

Now is the time I hold a space in my life for all of the beautiful people I am surrounded with and all of times little inquisitive moments

for all the worlds torn apart or times spent sending whispers- into the night of our hearts coldest and darkest shivers- these little hours –

for everytime wished “Was there” – I find myself now in the moment

and that is golden –

sometimes everything is folding so fast in your world and you are left- holding onto the threads of your reality, as they – spiraling out in a world, sent speeding past all boundaries – into dream-

belief being the link that ties you to the rope that flows you through to the other end of your vision.

dearest aspect of me – and times invaluable friend – existing somewhere out there, is where I find you – fondly

on my peices other end

both this writing peice- and that of all of the peices

that I tied myself to as the moments embodying of the journey that I am on

I found myself lingering somewhere in the green grass on a summer day as I walked round linear – back to the beginning life – this great stratosphere

the advice I would give would be to love often, madly- without regret with passion. stop often to watch the grass blow or swim in that stream, or dance amidst the wild jasmines and lillies –

this life is your moment – to moment to moment- your reality IS what YOU create as happening

be loving

be ok with being sad, or mad, or just simply feeling – allowing them to enter and exit as clouds and not rainstorm in your creating –

feel that pain, and translate it into something tangible and useful –

go out and share it with a friend- because you know that- everytime 1 fairy gets its wings, it makes a space for the next one

god is love

A. Davene


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