Week 2 – Betty Jarra

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 02

Flying lesson 2)
Keep on walking


  Flying lesson 2 was almost cancelled.
It would have been a disaster!
Everything took longer than expected today, but I have time so there’s no stress. Helping my daughter, helping my mother, I slowly realise that it will have to be an evening walk. But then suddenly it’s evening already!
It’s late and I mix up the student me and the teacher me, so out of the blue the teacher me decides that it won’t work because the student me will not want to walk anyway.
Simply too much damn thinking!

 What happens after all that thinking is actually a bit surprising.
Realising that, already at my 2:nd lesson, I will simply cancel it could make me angry at myself or even happy, but instead, I become sad.
It feels really crappy that my body will not be receiving this gift, already on day two! So I quickly decide to do what feels good in the moment.
I walk!

  Exactly the walk I had planned, I even walk a bit further because I’m walking a bit too fast to make it last long enough.
My arms swinging, cross-training (or whatever it’s called) is good for the brain, increasing the contact between my left and right.
Right away I feel amazingly good because I actually did what I had decided to do.
Damn, I still keep on making it harder for myself than it has to be.

  Today it wasn’t receiving the gift that was the difficult part, instead it was giving it to myself. It’s not easy to understand the complexity of a learning procedure. Luckily I have a good teacher after all.
On the tram home (avoiding a boring bridge again), it felt very special, I had managed to give myself something good. I’m not all that good at giving to myself so it probably doesn’t happen often enough.

  It’s very moving, being worthy of a gift.

Growing tall, all the way to the sky

* tall is also the Swedish word for pine tree



  1. Unknown: please post under your own name. says:

    the light post in the distance makes me think of narnia

  2. Caron says:

    Beautiful Be.

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