Week 2 – Brian Weeks

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Brian Weeks, Week 02

I was inspired by a thorough re-read of Bill Pelon’s Graphic Poetry archives this week.

The photo was taken in Wellfleet, MA a couple of years ago – it was late in the season, probably late October/early November. The sunset colors were so beautiful that I had to pull over and capture them.

As for the words, this was originally written as a kind of plea to my then 13-year-old sister to make a change in the people that were influencing her at the time. I had one of those magnetic poetry sets that I think everyone had back then, and I was just messing around with it, listening to music. All of a sudden, I had the skeleton of this piece…

I’ve just uploaded fifteen years or so of archived files onto my computer and have been sorting through them – partly for inspiration, to inject something I completed in the past with a new life, reimagined for the future.

  1. Caron says:

    Bill provides such great inspiration and it shows here. [:

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