Week 1 – Ashley Davene

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 01

“Eat Cupcakes Please” – Letters to an Alter Aspect of Me

And so if I should everyday approach as if today could be the last day, then – each day I will do exactly what brings me desire- and create that I only ever border upon the line of extravagance and over indulgence- yet mastering the approach of excellence, elegance and eccentricity.

If I had to ask myself, as I peered in the mirror of the wide eyed five year old reflection of the former me,  If I could choose the path – with dreams in that heart as big as the sea, and no way of knowing yet how hard they would be, or easy it would be to be disbelieving – where would I DESIRE to go? What life was I wishing for, and where did I want to be.

If I could equate that sweetness of open dreaming to a scent or a taste if you will – it would be sweet warm vanilla cake with melted white chocolate lava in the center – topped with ice cream – the mix of hot and cold, the succulent scents of vanillas, the burst of creams and sugars – the comforting aroma of heaven –

That’s the way it feels to me when dreams are big. Can I say now, that I am – the girl I was wishing, am I living the life I was wishing to live?

I think as wind whips through my hair as I greet the day ready to embark upon a road trip. Today will be met with open thoughts, contemplation, problem solving, creating – oh yea, and of course Wild Mushroom Rav’s and cupcakes ❤ – – Love Tip #1 – ALWAYS – set days aside to be extravagantly decadent, because all should treat themselves.

I must write these thoughts to the alter aspect myself, that asks me to not be a part of those dreams, or who tells me from time to time that I’m not “good enough” – what is that? It’s all but perspective as with art, so I promise myself

To stay in contact with, and write letters to– to that “girl” or “guy” to everyone out there – as a reminder of the reasons I find that the world is beautiful, we are love, or just every time I get down on – a really good cupcake

Yours Truly,


  1. Heather says:

    Glad you’re on board, lil sis. xo

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