Ashley Davene-Artist Bio

Posted: April 4, 2011 in About the Artistz, Ashley Davene

Hi Im ashley Davene and I am a Musician, Spiritual Teacher, Writer, Artist ❤ sweet – I have been writing, my entire life! Passionate less about content in regards to grammar and punctuation, passionate more about connection and feeling. The most important quality for my music, art, teaching, writing -life – to posess – Is Honesty, nothing is right or wrong , everything shows up as love if the moment is authentic. I spent much of my youth writing essays and short stories, poetry, and mostly music. Lacking the faith or confidence to showcase any of my artistic abilities I hid them away until just after my 22nd birthday. A blizzard in NH later, a bold move Id make, and end up discovering myself quietly away from distractions open to thought and scenery id learn to embody the poet, I found my creative recipe – and the choice was no longer whether or not to display it- the only choice was to LIVE it. I believe your art is you, and it should be lived in every moment. SO- the journey continues my artistic roller coaster ride through life- splashing up paintings, inspired by impressionism and mixed media, and abstract art- my favorite medium is Acrylic, writing songs, love stories, thoughts, blogs, poems, articles, creating spiritual forums, workshops and classes, I love champagne with fruit in it on hott summer days, kitty cats,  cat naps, good yawns, great paper backs, writing, the rain, dancing, dancing in the rain – laughing, hott cups of coffee, friends, singing into a microphone, creating art- living it- sharing it


Ashley Davene – Check out more about my music and spiritual advising at –


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