Week 1- Michael Mooney

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Michael Mooney, Week 01


Holderness, NH- April 1, 2011


I drive by this scene twice a day. Friday April 1st, was the first time I have seen it look so good. I have envisioned this shot and I patiently waited for the snow to cover everything just like it did on this past Friday. I can now move on and scout out some other shots.


It’s going to be a fun 52 weeks! Cheers!

  1. Mike Piper says:

    Beautiful shot, Mike!

  2. William Pelon says:

    Nice work! If you made postcards out of this shot, I’ll bet it would sell like gangbusters!

    • Mike Mooney says:

      ha-ha gangbusters ey? ha…. Good stuff, I have some other postcards that were available at the perk and you are right….def. a good postcard. I am thinking of making a calender and try to push those through InnisFree bookshop.

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