Robyn Anne Piper- Artist Bio

Posted: January 20, 2011 in About the Artistz, Robyn Anne Piper

Born at a very young age, Robyn is a once bookseller turned frenetic engineer who spends her valuable free time reading, questioning authority (though not usually out loud) and wondering why her body is living forward while her soul is traveling in reverse. She blends her obsessive compulsivity with a warped view of the world to create confusing poems written in really neat handwriting.

She enjoys decorating funky cakes (, creating art from a single word (, helping women achieve their goals at Curves ( and maintaining multiple websites– obviously– including the TwinGeekz page.

Robyn has recently landed a job at a summer academic camp/school in Wolfeboro, NH, and while her days will be spent in the offices, it still feels like a step toward what she had initially aspired to do in her college days as an English education major.

She participated in both TGAP 1 and TGAP 2 but completed only the first, and she will be serving as Geekmaster for the first time for TGAP 3.  She is anxious to prove to herself– and you– that her initial success wasn’t a fluke, and that she really can do this again!

  1. […] a work in progress; it is part of a larger Wonderland themed project that I’m working on for Robyn & Michael Piper’s annual anniversary […]

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