Michael Sean Piper- Artist Bio

Posted: January 20, 2011 in About the Artistz, Michael Sean Piper

Michael is a funky “redumbdent” manchild who enjoys making love to himself instead of war with others. He has a flair for the pen and sometimes even draws with one. In his off-time he befriend helpless dolphins with issues. What a nice guy.

This unconventional artist pays the bills with his job as a printer.  Day after day of taking out the company’s trash led him to the realization that printing produces quite a bit of  waste, so he decided to take some of that “trash” and, well… be creative with it.  You can see the product of his little brainstorm at http://www.bannerdaybags.com.

Michael has also acquired a website at which he will post submissions from all over the country (and the world?) in a project called “The Footnotes”. He has created a postcard with a rendering of two sets of feet in the grass (like two friends lying side by side) above which people can add voice balloons, thought bubbles, draw pictures… whatever they want to add to create their own unique “footnote”… and then mail it back to him via “snail mail”.  He is shamelessly recruiting friends– and perhaps even strangers– to help distribute the postcards in local coffeehouses, to friends, on street corners… wherever their little hearts desire!  Contact him at roll2d6@hotmail.com or visit thefootnotes.org if you’re interested.

  1. […] week’s submission also serves as fellow geek Michael Sean Piper’s belated birthday gift and is technically my first piece of art for the project:  I began its […]

  2. […] it is part of a larger Wonderland themed project that I’m working on for Robyn & Michael Piper’s annual anniversary […]

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